3 reasons why Ajijic should be your medical destination for dental implants

Kurt Schaefer on September 23, 2021. Visit author social media
#1- Yes, Ajijic is a beautiful destination and when you see pictures you understand why it is considered a “Magical Town” (or how they call them in Mexico, a “Pueblo Magico”), but let’s be honest, with this economy and way of life, it's all about saving money and multitasking. If you are looking to optimize your visit to the dentist, visiting a dental implant expert in Ajijic will feel like multitasking, because you end up with a healthy wallet and a healthy mouth, and let's face it, having a stunning new smile and money in your wallet is a big YES for most of us.
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Getting back to the prices, with Ajijic’s top dental implant specialist you get the same quality brand materials at a more affordable price, and when I say the same brand, I don't mean similar or generic ingredients, I really mean the same brands used by your local dentist, so you can rest assured that you are getting quality treatment. But why the low prices? Well, without getting too technical, the exchange rate plays an important role, also, labor costs are lower, and overall utilities and the cost of living in general are much lower, so that translates into better prices with the same quality of materials.
A beautiful location
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#2- Jalisco is a wonderful destination, where you can find many things to do, suitable for all types of people, but Ajijic, in particular, has a special magic to it. Something that attracts many people to this place is its excellent weather, where you can enjoy the beach vibe without any hurricanes; the food is fresh and it has wonderful sunsets over the lake. It really feels like you have traveled back in time, but with all your electronic devices and the comforts of the 21st century.
The dental quality
#3- Here at Medical Tourism we pride ourselves in our extensive research to find the best options for health care. Our goal is to provide good and reliable information to patients who want to multitask by receiving great health services and having an amazing adventure abroad. Ajijic houses one of Mexico’s best dental clinics offering the best solutions for your dental needs, from dental implants to your basic checkup; Ajijic’s dental clinic delivers on great quality and attention. Take some time to discover why Ajijic is considered a "Pueblo Magico" as you relax under the sunset, with a new smile on your face and money in your wallet. Now that’s what I call multitasking!
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