My Bamboo toothbrush Experience!

Kurt Schaefer on June 06, 2019. Visit author social media
Hi everyone! With today’s article we are going a bit outside of our normal formatting because I want to share with you my experience with bamboo toothbrushes. I recently tried them out, and let me tell you, it was interesting, join me and learn about my experience with my bamboo toothbrush. (remember to visit your dentist) Finding my inspiration I’ve been trying to reduce my waste, and I wanted to check some eco-friendly alternatives for brushing my teeth.I had read many worrying articles about the environmental impact toothbrushes have, most are made from non-degradable materials that could last centuries before breaking down, and that they are specially harmful to aquatic animals, who often confuse discarded toothbrushes with food. On average I go through 3 or 4 toothbrushes every year, and wanting to reduce my waste production, I decided to buy a bamboo toothbrush and try it out.
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First impressions
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I got my new toothbrush online and immediately tried it out.The first impression it made was that the bristles were really soft, maybe to soft for my preference; I tend to prefer harder bristles. However, because its made of the soft bamboo wood it did feel more pleasant on my gums. I also bought a couple of toothbrushes for my family, my nieces who are 3 and 7 ended up falling in love with them, because the bristles are so soft, they have been able to brush more actively without harming their little teeth. I also gave one to my mom, she uses removable dentures and really liked it too, she uses it to brush her gums, that’s how soft they are. Thinking ahead Bamboo is really durable, I’ve read online that a single toothbrush will last about 3 months, which is about the same time for a regular one. I think Bamboo toothbrushes are an amazing long-term ecological investment, they naturally degrade over time, reducing our waste production. I’ve recently read that there are some bamboo toothbrushes have charcoal-infused bristlesthat also help you whiten your teeth, so they could help to maintain a better looking smile. So, this was my first impression in the world of bamboo toothbrushes. Every small step we take in order to protect the environment is a victory, and while Bamboo toothbrushes are too soft for my taste, I can recommend them to anyone who enjoys a softer brushing experience, like children, or people like my mom that need dentures. Join our conversation; do you have any stories about your bamboo toothbrush? I would love to hear them! And if not, I would recommend you to try them out, maybe you’ll love them. If you enjoyed this article, help us out by sharing it! We’ll really appreciate it. #BambooToothbrush#BestToothBrush#GoBamboo#EcoFriendly #ZeroWaste #Biodegradable #GoGreen #EnvironmentalHelp#Lesswaste #White teeth #HealthyMouth #OralHealth #StoryTime #MedicalTourism #DentalTourismMexico #MedicalTourism #Dentures #SnapOnDentures

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