Thinking of getting Dental Implants? Monterrey is your best option and this is why.

Kurt Schaefer on May 29, 2019. Visit author social media
Dental implants have become a solution for a lot of people with missing or diseased teeth, luckily, nowadays there are plenty of affordable options, especially in Mexico. Because of its great quality of dental work, Mexico has become the top choice for dental tourism in America. Today, we want to speak about one of our locations, a city full of culture, mountainous ranges and amazing people: Monterrey. Mountains of wonder A visit to Monterrey is not complete until you visit one of its many mountain ranges. Grab a tour to Cola de Caballo Waterfall, an 82-foot tall waterfall aptly named for its resemblance to a horsetail. If you’re feeling adventurous make a visit to La Huasteca climbing park, here you’ll find different climbing areas for all skill levels so nobody is left out of the fun. And last but not least, Cerro de la Silla, named for its resemblance to a saddle; nothing can beat the view of Monterrey from the top.
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Fundidora Park
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Fundidora Park is a massive public park located at Monterrey’s heart. Discover the origins of Monterrey in the top Archeological Industrial Site in Mexico. Here you can visit the museum Horno, which once was Mexico’s most important steel mill; or take a stroll through Paseo Santa Lucia, an artificial lake with gorgeous teal colored water, and for the romantic, a boat ride with your partner is unlike anything else. Kids aren’t left out either; they can enjoy plenty of playgrounds and even a Sesame Street theme park. 3.- A mix of old and new Monterrey has all the benefits of being a technologically advanced along with a rich cultural heritage. You can find the newest restaurants with exiting and experimental food to enjoy, or visit one of the many plazas to enjoy a more traditional dining experience. Many landmarks cover the city, like the Museum of contemporary art, the monument to workers or the Metropolitan Cathedral of Monterrey. It doesn’t matter if your interests are centered on technology or culture, everywhere there is something to see or do.
4. – The excellent quality of dental work
No matter what kind of dental implants you’re looking for, like a 3 unit bridge, all on fours or even dental crowns, our Monterrey clinic will provide you the best in service; allowing you to improve your oral health while you have an adventure though the city. Like all other dentists we work with, Monterrey’s dentist has gone through a process of verification to make sure all services are provided professionally, cleanly and at fair prices. Monterrey has so many great locations and points of interest stay tune for part 2 of my Monterrey Mexico Dental Adventure. Or Don’t wait and visit and experience it for yourself .
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