Medical Tourism Honors nurses’ week

Kurt Schaefer on May 29, 2019. Visit author social media
Since 1993 the American Nurses Association has established a week each May to celebrate nurses all over the world, this year celebrations extend form May 6th to May 12th. Nurses have the difficult task of maintaining patients confortable during their treatment, but often go unnoticed, with most credit going to doctors.
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How does a nurse work with a doctor?
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Nurses and doctors form up a team, needing each other’s help in order to do their job. Nurses set up and sterilize equipment all while making sure doctors have everything they need to work correctly and have patient’s records on hand to advise the doctor. How does a nurse work with patients? We know how difficult staying at the hospital can be; nurses have to reassure the patient, they talk with them to know how they’re feeling. Nurses are your line of connection to doctors, and are always happy to help.
Are there dental nurses?
Of course there are! They are specially trained to work alongside dentists, often for 2 years. They can work with x-rays, take dental impressions, or even apply varnish on your teeth. Nurses week is the perfect opportunity to say thank you; everyone knows at least one nurse, maybe you met them at a hospital, or they’re your best friends, or you’re even one! Nurses work to help you, to make you feel safe. You can show your gratitude, say thanks, tell them how much they helped you, give them a gift; you don’t know how much this could mean to them.
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