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Kurt Schaefer on September 10, 2021. Visit author social media
Recently, Kurt Cisco (dental crowns in Vallarta) from Dallas, TX, shared his medical tourism experience with the best dental clinic in Vallarta. “I would like to give the dental clinic in Vallarta a rave review. I wanted my old smile back and had some issues with my two front teeth. I had a cracked tooth and discoloration. Over the years, my teeth just looked worn down and old. I decided to talk to my Dentist here in Dallas. He recommended I replace my top eight front teeth with crowns to make my smile new again and to make all teeth showing match."
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"This was at a cost of 10K. I love Vallarta and travel there a lot so I decided to investigate a dentist there. I considered three dentist offices. I was leaning towards the dental clinic that Medical Tourism recommends from some posts that I read. The specialist was the least expensive, which concerned me, but he covers the cost of picking you up at the airport and all travel to his office and return transportation to the airport when you leave."
Getting in touch with the specialist
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"I sent a message to the dental clinic and asked for a referral. They politely provided one, and the patient they referred me to had gone to Vallarta, researched many dentists, and decided to go with the dental clinic in Vallarta member of the Medical Tourism Mexico network. She could not have given a better review, also, if you look at their Facebook page you will see the dramatic transformation they gave her. I flew into Vallarta and was picked up, taken to get 3D imprints of my teeth, then to have a consultation with the specialist."
"We met the next day and I approved the temporary teeth. He numbed me up and away we went. Took about 3 hours for 8 teeth to be removed and temps added. He was calm, professional, and did a great job. I came back the next day and we did a bit more adjustments and work to make sure it was perfect. It took a week to get the permanent teeth returned. A thunderstorm slowed down the process but everything went great. The dental surgeon put in the permanent teeth and my smile looked so natural and fantastic. We took a few days break and I went back three days later for a cleaning and any adjustment that might be needed."
A certified dental surgeon in Vallarta
"He was so nice and wanted to make sure I was so pleased. The transportation was fantastic. He is a perfectionist. He didn't pressure me at all and wanted to meet my exact expectations. I really couldn't have asked for a better experience. The staff is COVID-19 vaccinated. They wore masks and shields and changed all their gloves frequently, plus respected my concerns for every detail, from feeling comfortable to let me rest when needed. I really only needed a couple of restroom breaks. Again, I felt totally comfortable."
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"I highly recommend the dental clinic in Vallarta and will have a bit more work done next visit in October. My best friend who trains dentists all over the world on new equipment, we met today for dinner and loved the smile. Couldn't be more natural-looking. I give the dental clinic in Vallarta and his staff 5 stars for all-around service, product, and professionalism.”
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