Getting a smile makeover with the top dental surgeon in Los Cabos

Kurt Schaefer on August 20, 2021. Visit author social media
“My name is Oscar Waldon, I’m from Seattle, WA (All-on-4 dental implants in Los Cabos). I was born with flat teeth at the back of my mouth. As I grew older, my back molars started to push the rest of my teeth and it completely messed up my two lower front teeth and smile; it was beginning to be painful, especially in the morning, and to top it all off, I tend to grind my teeth at night, so you see, my condition was already bad and it was getting worse. I visited a dental clinic in Seattle but the cost to fix my problem was $19,000 dollars, and my health insurance didn’t cover dental care. I was desperate and had very low self-esteem; I didn’t feel my smile represented me at all.”
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“I was searching the internet for options and came upon the website . I found their information very helpful, checked out their videos on dental implants and explored all the information of their dental specialists. I especially enjoyed the medical tourism site because they focus on providing the best certified option in each city, rather than being just a medical directory.” “I decided to check if the airport in my city had direct flights to any of the cities that medical tourism had to offer, and it did. After seeing the options, I felt that the best travel option for me was Los Cabos (I had always wanted to visit Los Cabos to see the arch in the ocean that Los Cabos is famous for).
Contacting the specialist
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“I contacted the dentist in Los Cabos, we had a virtual meeting and he assessed my smile, describing the process of a dental rehabilitation. He asked for my medical information, as well as specific details of my condition, and told me that the cost of the whole treatment was approximately $4,500, consisting of two visits six months apart and that on each visit I would have to stay at Los Cabos for two days. It sounded like a great deal to me, so I scheduled the first appointment and booked my flight.”
“Thanks to the website, I was able to take advantage of their hotel recommendations and chose to stay at their best option in Los Cabos. The hotel gave me a 20% discount and offered to drive me to and from the dental clinic. When I arrived for my appointment, the dental clinic looked nice and was well equipped. The dentist in Los Cabos was very friendly and the procedure went smoothly. After the procedure, I left the clinic with a set of temporary teeth that felt very comfortable. The next day, the doctor gave me a follow-up consultation to make sure the procedure went well. I headed back to Seattle and stayed in contact with the doctor until my next appointment.”
Six months later
“On the next appointment, I got my temporary teeth removed and got my new set of dental implants and did some adjustments to the rest of my smile. My experience was excellent and I am very happy with the results. The overall price with hotel and flights included did not exceed $6,000 and I paid in 2 installments; the first part in the first appointment and the second part when the job was done. I would totally recommend the Los Cabos medical tourism location; the city was great; the hotel was very clean and their staff very friendly and they fully understood that my trip was for medical tourism reasons.”
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