How getting my teeth fixed in Mexico changed my life.

Kurt Schaefer on December 23, 2019. Visit author social media
About 3 years ago I had to get rid of my upper and lower natural teeth and replace them with removable dentures. I was not happy with the result as I had to go constantly to the dentist for adjustments and every time I was terrified about the expenses and the fact that my mouth didn't feel right.
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Before my dentures
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I was so frustrated by something so simple as eating. Every time I had to eat was very hard and seeing all the food and not being able to enjoy it was impossible for me too. I had to eat very slow and by the time everybody had finished, I was just 1/3 of my plate. I was no longer enjoying eating, so I started to eat less. I’m a 70-year-old woman and I begin to lose weight and my energy levels drop down dramatically, I was just not happy. But I didn’t figure out why, until 2 months ago, when my son took me to visit a dentist in Mexico, he saw an ad and that the clinic looked much better than the one that had placed my dentures and the specialist was one of the best in Mexico. We live 150 miles from a border town and still, I was a little skeptical and scared about it, to be honest.
After my dentures
When we arrive, the clinic was very modern and the people were very friendly and explain in English what was going on with my dentures. They perform a test to see if I was a good candidate for dental implants, but I was not. The doctor said that he could build me a much better set of removable dentures. So, they took several prints and schedule me for another appointment. On the second visit, they gave me my new set of dentures and asked me to wear them and schedule me for a third appointment just to readjustments, after the third visit my life changed. The whole process lasted like one month, I'm back to eating and enjoying food without any issue, I even had a piece of gum for the first time in 10 years. In the aesthetics part, they look much better, they manage to match the color of my gums to the dentures and gave me natural-looking teeth, I even smile more now. Thanks, Dental Tourism for having such a great specialist!
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