Maintain good jaw bone density with an All-on-6 in Nogales, Sonora

Kurt Schaefer on December 03, 2021. Visit author social media
Dental implants are the best way to keep your bite strong, and your jawline healthy. They provide patients a strong hold and promotes bone density, which is a very important factor, especially for patients who have no teeth, as loss of bone density in the jaw can lead to complications involving the muscles and nerves surrounding the face.
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Getting the procedure with a certified specialist
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The All-on-6 procedure uses six implants strategically placed in the jaw to hold with maximum support a complete arch of dentures, making it a strong, and permanent solution for missing teeth. This procedure can be done in Mexico by certified specialists, such as the dental surgeon in Nogales, Sonora. The dentist has years of experience and works with a team of dental experts dedicated to providing the best dental implant services possible while offering great value for money.
Advantages of medical tourism to Nogales
Nogales, Sonora is a frontier city bordering Nogales, Arizona. This places the certified dental clinic in the ideal location for international patients from Nogales, Arizona, and its bordering cities, to receive fast and reliable dental services at affordable prices. Not only is the specialist prepared to deal with cross-border patients, the dental surgeon in Nogales has the certifications and experience to help any English and Spanish speaking patient improve and complete their smile. We encourage you to get in touch directly with the specialist to set an appointment!
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