Make a trip to Guadalajara to save money on tubal ligation or reversal

Kurt Schaefer on January 14, 2022. Visit author social media
Guadalajara, Mexico's second-largest city, attracts millions of international travelers every year thanks to its great beauty, year-round good weather, and excellent cuisine. In addition to providing visitors with unique regional experiences, it also offers quality and affordable health care, making it a favorite destination among medical tourists looking to improve their quality of life without falling into bankruptcy.
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A certified gynecologist that cares for you
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In Guadalajara, you will find an internationally certified OBGYN with experience in medical tourism who provides great patient care in all procedures, most notably tubal ligation or tubal reversal. The first is done to help prevent pregnancy, while a tubal reversal is done after a previous tubal ligation to restore a woman's fertility. In both cases, the fallopian tubes are altered to have an effect on fertility. The effectiveness of a tubal ligation reaches up to 99%, while the fertility success rate of the tubal reversal ranges from 75% to 80%, depending on your age, your partner’s fertility, and the amount of time since your tubal ligation.
Get the most out of traveling to Guadalajara
By traveling to Guadalajara to get these procedures done, you can benefit from great prices and excellent care. Although the hospital stay and recovery time is kept to a minimum thanks to the use of advanced technology and techniques, you can take the time to explore Guadalajara and enjoy the great art and culture, variety of food, vibrant nightlife, and beautiful scenery the city has to offer. Visit our website to discover everything the birthplace of the mariachi has in store for your medical trip.
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