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Kurt Schaefer on May 29, 2019. Visit author social media
There are plenty of ways of improving your smile, everyone is different and while some procedures like dental implants, work wonders for some, others could need something less invasive or purely cosmetic. If you are interested in getting a smile makeover, you’ve come to right place. A complete smile Chipped or worn down teeth can be an obstacle to a perfect smile, however, veneers can help you archive your desired results with a simple procedure. Veneers can be made from porcelain or a resin composite, these go over your teeth giving you a natural smile. And for smaller corrections, teeth bonding is your best choice, dentist place a composite resin over your chipped tooth that bonds and hardens. And lastly but certainty not least, no smile is complete without white teeth; Zoom whitening offers the best results, as a special light applicator is used to remove stains from your teeth.
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Avoid crooked teeth
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Sometimes is necessary to have a tooth extraction to preserve the way your teeth form a smile. A perfect example of this are wisdom teeth, they can become trapped in your gums, or come at a wrong angle and damage the rest of your teeth. With a tooth extraction you don’t have to worry about loosing your smile. Another great option to preserve the shape of your smile are implant-supported dentures, these have the advantage of replacing your teeth with a more lenient procedure. These dentures are connected to your jawbone, helping you maintain it strong, all while boasting a perfect smile.
Smile makeovers in Mexico
When speaking about smile makeovers, there is no better place than Mexico. All of the dentists we work with have gone through a rigorous process of verification and are active members of the Mexican Dental Association. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a smile makeover, endodontics or dental implants, you’ll be able to find the greatest quality in one of our clinics. (DT_Trending6_Imagen3) Cosmetic dentistry is incredibly important, not only improving your smile but also helping you maintaining it healthy and strong. Traveling to Mexico for a smile makeover has never been easier and affordable, don’t wait any longer;our clinics are waiting for you.
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