Patient’s Case – Mouth Restoration with Crowns in los algodones

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"I´ve been an odontologist for more than 21 years and I witnessed endless cases of people with teeth severely affected by cavities, due to lack of hygiene which it was a very common factor. In many cases had no choice but to extract the teeth and replace them with dentures. But some other times although patient gave up all hopes, and puts their trust in my hands, I can work on better options, this is why is so to have a professional clinical and radiographical evaluation such as working along with specialist on oral health, always using state of the art technology, and thanks to this I have many cases of success."
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Getting a diagnosis
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"One of my recent cases is a 34-year-old male patient, who came from Phoenix AZ, with severely affected teeth by cavities almost in all of his dental pieces. He came looking for extractions and dentures, after a very meticulous exam and diagnosis along with periodontal and endodontic specialists we came out with the conclusion of saving most of his teeth. Several procedures were involved such as extractions, root canal therapy, and periodontal scaling."
The procedures and results
"We removed the upper right side tooth and performed a root canal to 5 upper teeth, followed by the placement of fiber posts and in one visit we place a temporary. In conclusion, in order to restore his mouth, we worked on 17 zirconia crowns, a bridge, and a removable partial. The result is a very favorable prognosis and a very happy patient, which at the end of the day, this is what matters most for me. I´m very blessed by God and life to be able to become a dentist and help people to give them back their smile, oral function and consequently have a better quality of life." - Written by DDS Guillermo Marquez, certified dental surgeon in Los Algodones.
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