My trip to Monterrey for plastic surgery with Medical Tourism Mexico

Kurt Schaefer on August 17, 2021. Visit author social media
Edwin Soto from San Antonio, TX (Rhinoplasty in Monterrey), has recently shared with us his medical tourism journey to Mexico, and today we share it with you. “A few years ago, I had a car accident; my face and teeth suffered damages from it. Luckily, I had insurance and the doctors that treated me in the ER helped me with the procedures related to my accident, but my insurance company told me that I could not cover the last two surgeries I needed to get back to the way I looked before.”
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Due to the accident, Edwin’s income was affected, and had a limited budget to cover both procedures. The last two surgeries Edwin needed to have were a rhinoplasty to fix and restore the shape of his nose and a dental restoration of his front teeth.
Finding about Medical Tourism in Mexico
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“I felt frustrated, my self-esteem was starting to drop and affect my relationship with my family and friends. My teenage son started to look on the internet for options to get the surgeries I needed without having to get a second mortgage on the house and he stumbled upon the website of Medical Tourism Mexico, where we explored their site and read about the plastic surgeon and the dental clinic in Monterrey. The medical tourism website looks very professional and offered me all the information I needed.”
“I decided to contact the plastic surgeon in Monterrey first and made a virtual consultation. It was an affordable and pleasant experience, the doctor asked for my medical records, and after another virtual consultation, the plastic surgeon explained to me in great detail how the procedure was going to go and what could I expect. The current world health crisis had me a little hesitant, but after talking to the specialist and seeing all the information on the website, I felt very comfortable, knowing that I was talking to a great specialist.” After scheduling his procedure, Edwin decided to make a call to the certified dental clinic in Monterrey, he shares that the consultation process was similar, he provided his medical records, as well as photos of his teeth to see if he was a candidate for dental restoration and fortunately, he was.
Peace of mind
“The dentist told me he could take my imaging and schedule my implants a few months after my plastic surgery, needless to say, I was excited. To be honest, at the beginning I was very scared to travel to Mexico, but the medical tourism website gave me peace of mind because it got me in touch with a bank in the United States that provided me with a personal loan so I could get my two procedures done for under $7,000, after getting an estimate in San Antonio for both procedures of about $60,000."
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“Six months after my plastic surgery and dental restoration in Monterrey, I look like my old self, with no breathing issues and with a boost in confidence, as my smile looks better now than before the accident. People ask me if I got my teeth whiten and I say yes (I took the time and got that done too!)” “I’m not a writer, but when the team of Medical Tourism Mexico asked me to tell my story about my visit to Monterrey, I was very excited to share my story with other people that could be in a similar situation, where you have to pay the medical bills out of pocket because a second mortgage on your family’s house is not an option and low self-esteem isn’t one either. Thanks, Medical Tourism!
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