Recovering mobility in my hand with surgery in Mexico City

Kurt Schaefer on September 03, 2021. Visit author social media
"My name is Jonatan S. I’m from Chicago IL (carpal tunnel surgery in Mexico City) and I’m 37 years old, I’m an independent graphic designer so I tend to use the computer all the time for work, I also consider myself a gamer, so I play video games in my free time. When I was 36, I started to feel my fingers tingle after working for more than 5 hours at a time, and when I had to finish a project and had to work more than that, my hand would go numb."
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"At first, I didn't think much of the discomfort, thinking it was due to poor wrist position on the desk and that I probably needed a wrist rest pad for my keyboard and mouse as I used the computer for long periods of time, so I bought them, but they didn't help at all, and my discomfort got worse over time. Because work is not always constant and also due to the pandemic my finances were affected, so I thought it was no better time to seek help and fix my hand so I could continue working. I was browsing the internet on carpal tunnel syndrome and came across WebMD and the symptoms they described were exactly what I was feeling, so I got in touch with a specialist about the procedure and found out that the safest thing to do was to have the procedure done by a neurosurgeon. I nearly went backwards when they told me that, because here in Chicago, a visit to the neurosurgeon is very expensive and at that time I did not have health insurance, but determined to fix my problem, I started looking for options."
Finding about Medical Tourism in Mexico
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"While searching, I came across the term of medical tourism, more precisely, from the Medical Tourism Mexico website. Being a visual person, thanks to the fact that I am a graphic designer, I was very impressed by the videos and images that the website shows, as it has very complete information, showing that it is a legitimate company. After looking at the locations and doctors' profiles, the neurosurgeon in Mexico City caught my attention, so I decided to contact the doctor's office to schedule an online consultation and ask for information. "
"Overall, the procedure cost approximately $1200 USD which was 87% less than my quote for a surgeon in Chicago. After my conversation with the neurosurgeon in Mexico City, he asked me for images and scans and we scheduled a second video chat after I had sent him the scans just to confirm if I was a candidate for surgery and fortunately, I was."
Traveling for surgery
"He told me that the procedure took no more than 40 minutes and that I would have to do some exercises afterward and do a virtual follow-up. The neurosurgeon in Mexico City made me feel very comfortable, so I decided to travel to have the procedure done. I just have to say that the information on the medical tourism website was very accurate, the address, the pictures, everything was just as shown. After my surgery, I went back to Chicago and did a virtual follow-up with the neurosurgeon and felt great, no more pain. I still have to do therapy, but my overall problem has been fixed. Thank you for reaching out to me and letting me tell my story."
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