How a trip to Puerto Vallarta helped me save money on dental treatment

Kurt Schaefer on August 18, 2021. Visit author social media
Ray Sanchez from Tempe, Arizona (Dental crowns and root canal in Vallarta), was visiting Puerto Vallarta with his girlfriend when he saw Medical Tourism Mexico's website talking about the great prices and quality that the Vallarta dental clinic offered to international patients. “Near the end of our vacation, I got some free time to myself, as my girlfriend had scheduled a spa day, so I decided to call the dental clinic in Vallarta. When I first called, I was a little hesitant about having my teeth examined in Mexico, but knowing that back home, the prices are too expensive, I figured it was worth a visit while I had the time, and I was already in Puerto Vallarta.”
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“The staff spoke perfect English and I was able to make my appointment. Upon arrival, what surprised me were the modern facilities, as well as all the degrees and international diplomas and certifications that the specialist had hanging on the wall. The images and location were exactly as I saw on the Medical Tourism Vallarta´s section.”
The appointment experience
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“After my checkup, the dentist told me I needed three dental crowns and a root canal (it was the same diagnosis I already had from the dentist back home), however the prices I could not believe, the procedures were very affordable!” “I asked the doctor to give me more information about the quality and materials used in the procedures and he talked me through everything, even the brand names and I found out that they were the same as what the clinic back in Tempe had previously told me. I still don't understand why back home the prices are so elevated for the same treatment. Basically, I was saving 80% since I was already there.”
“The dentist walked me through the procedure and informed me that the downtime for what I needed would require a maximum of a day's stay and that I could hop on a plane the next day without any problems; and so I convinced my girlfriend to take another spa day, one day before we were scheduled to return home, and had the procedure done, which took about 3 hours.”
The results
“I am very happy with the results, I no longer have sensitivity in my teeth, and my morning breath has greatly improved, as apparently, I had a bacteria that was affecting my teeth. I would totally recommend traveling to Puerto Vallarta and getting your teeth exam by the dental clinic that the guys from Medical Tourism offer. I will no longer overpay for any dental work. My next dental visit will be back at the Puerto Vallarta dental clinic. Thanks for letting me share my story.”
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