Take years off your face with the help of Mexico City’s top plastic surgeon

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Mexico City has one of the best plastic surgeons in the country. His experience, quality, and attention to detail make him the best option to fulfill your aesthetic goals. Did you know that you can take years off your face with a facelift and neck lift? Here we explain to you a little bit more about them.
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The neck lift and facelift procedures
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The neck lift’s goal is to eliminate sagging of the skin under the chin and eliminate the double chin or "turkey neck". The neck lift helps improve your appearance and is usually done in addition to a facelift and requires 5 to 14 days of recovery to begin to see results. On the other hand, a facelift aims to give a more youthful appearance to the face, as well as to help maintain facial harmony. The benefits you can expect of this procedure when performed by a certified plastic surgeon such as the one in Mexico City are: eliminating sagging skin and the annoying “turkey neck”, making you look younger/slimmer and making a noticeable impact on the thick wrinkles of the skin, both in the face and neck area.
Learn more about the procedures
These procedures are performed under oral and intravenous sedation and usually do not require general anesthesia. Before starting the procedure, the surgeon will outline the areas of work and will monitor your vital signs with specialized equipment. During the procedure, the plastic surgeon will then stretch the skin, achieving a natural look, finishing by suturing the skin and applying a compressive bandage, which you will be wearing when you exit from the procedure. We invite you to learn more about the procedures offered by the internationally certified plastic surgeon in Mexico City by visiting his doctor’s profile on our website.
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