The importance of visiting the dentist before any surgery!

Kurt Schaefer on October 06, 2021. Visit author social media
Having surgery, for most people is a big deal, and like with any procedure, patients should follow all the doctor’s recommendations to try to ensure the best outcome possible. There is a suggestion that many people are unaware of and that is of great importance, which is to visit the dentist beforehand. A dental exam before surgery helps to rule out dental abscess, dental infection, or gum disease. This is very important because if not treated ahead of time, dental infections can lead to bacteria entering the bloodstream, which could settle in surgical areas and cause complications.
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So, clearance from your dentist may be needed or recommended for a wide variety of surgeries, but it is especially important in procedures such as valve replacement, joint replacement, and organ or stem cell transplants.
Can help reduce complications
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A recent study showed how dental work can reduce complications in major cancer surgeries. After analyzing data from people who underwent surgery for head, neck, esophageal, stomach, lung, liver, colon, and rectal cancers, researchers found that people who saw their dentist before surgery were less likely to develop pneumonia after surgery or die within the first 30 days of surgery. It is ideal for dental checkups to be done as soon as possible in advance, since, for example, in specialties such as orthopedic surgery, the specialists require the patient to have optimal oral health at least four weeks prior to a hip or knee replacement surgery, as any dental complication could result in surgery being delayed.
Keep a healthy mouth
Keeping a healthy mouth can help you get a better outcome in any surgery, and that is one good reason to visit your dentist regularly, not just to achieve an amazing smile. So, next time you’re planning a trip to Mexico, make sure to visit our website to find certified dental clinics and schedule an appointment with one of our top dental specialists, so you can get a panoramic X-Ray of your mouth and get a complete review of your oral health, all at very affordable prices so your mouth can be in good shape without spending a lot of money. Explore our locations and select the right for you.
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