Bariatric and metabolic surgery in Mexico - MedTalk Podcast S1 - EP5 - (Español)

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Learn more about bariatric and metabolic surgery, its main differences, and surgical and recovery timelines for medical tourism patients. We talked with Dr. Jorge Ramirez, a general surgeon with a specialty in bariatric and metabolic surgery located in Mexico City.
In our discussion with Dr. Ramirez, we delved into how these distinct methodologies cater to diverse patient needs, emphasizing the importance of personalized treatment plans tailored to individual health goals.
This episode provides valuable insights into the surgical and recovery timelines for medical tourism patients considering bariatric and metabolic procedures in Mexico.

Bariatric surgeries involve making several incisions in the abdominal area. Silicone scar tape in the form of sheets or strips offers an effective and accessible solution for minimizing the appearance of these scars.
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