Dental implants: a long-lasting solution: MedTalk Podcast S3 – EP16 - (Español)

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Know about the process of placing dental implants, their care, and the positive results obtained by going to a certified implantologist. In this episode, we are joined by Dr. Ermilo Cervera, a dental surgeon who specialized in prosthodontics with more than 24 years of experience and who has his dental clinic in Merida, Yucatan.
Imagine the feeling of confidence that comes with a bright smile. After a Snap-on denture procedure, maintaining that radiant smile involves proper care and cleaning. The Family Wellness Denture Cleaning Brush is not just another dental tool; it's your ticket to hassle-free denture maintenance. The dual bristle heads are perfect for efficiently cleaning the surfaces of your dentures, while the deep clean pick reaches those tricky areas where debris can accumulate.


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