Maxillofacial specialists for online consultation

Schedule an online consultation with certified doctors in Mexico. We can help you obtain prompt medical advice on your condition or get a second opinion so that you can make an informed and confident decision on your treatment.
Monterrey Otolaryngologist
Dr. Abraham Gerardo Rodríguez Del Bosque
Languages: Spanish - English - German
+52 (81) 1176 9811
Online consultation cost: $30 USD
Piedras Negras
Piedras Negras maxillofacial doctor smiling
Dr. Alejo Francisco Villarreal Alanis
Languages: Spanish - English - Portuguese
+52 (878) 117 6423
Online consultation cost: Initial online consultation - Free
Subsequent consultation - $15 USD
Tijuana Otolaryngologist
Dr. Ruben Ascencio Padilla
Languages: Spanish - English
+52 (663) 127 8221