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MX phone: (33) 1578 0421
+52 33 1587 6695
Address: Av. de las Américas 1545-piso 21, Providencia, 44630 Guadalajara, Jal., México
Panoramex® is a company with more than 52 years in the tourist service. Our travel excursions are uniquely designed to offer an authentic life experience that suits everyone's needs.
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Guadalajara Travel Agency Additional Images
Guadalajara Travel Agency Additional Images
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Panoramex Tours & Travel is a Mexican company established in Guadalajara, Jalisco since 1967, founded with the best principles of quality and authenticity from Guadalajara. We are formed by a professional work team trained to provide exclusive tourist experiences.

We have joined our efforts with consolidated companies and organizations in the tourism industry such as the Jalisco Convention and Visitors Bureau (OFVC) and the Guadalajara National Chamber of Commerce to successfully achieve your complete satisfaction.
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Excellent service! everything is well coordinated, planned and the tour guides are so friendly, knowledgeable and good. I really enjoyed my trip; I did two tours a group one to Tequila with Carmen and a private tour with Ronnie he rocks!
thank you
Claudia Esmeralda Gonzales - August 2022
Daniel and Eli are the best tour guides to go to Tequila! Had an amazing time for my girlfriend’s birthday! They made the trip a very fun experience with their knowledge and amazing vibes.
Sergio Torres - August 2022
We booked a tour of Guadalajara and Tlaquepaque and our guide was Norberto. This tour is absolutely worth the money and I cannot recommend Norberto more highly. Extremely knowledgeable and patient. He’s definitely got a great eye for art and architecture, taste in food for lunch and even a great ear for music. If you are staying several days, I would definitely book this tour at the beginning because you will probably want to go back and explore some of the places again. The day was packed with touring historic areas and buildings, art museums, and quaint neighborhoods.
We are staying in Guadalajara for several more days and I will definitely try to book another tour if I can get Norberto as our guide.
Jim Berns - August 2022