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Guadalajara is the second largest city of Mexico and is home to some of the most qualified and professional doctors in the country. Due to the quality of its medical experts, and its mix of traditions with modernity, Guadalajara has turned into one of the most popular Medical tourism destinations in the world.
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This city has the honor of being the birthplace of two of Mexico’s most valued traditions, mariachis, and tequila, and the people of Guadalajara are proud of it. By walking around the classical streets, you’ll find many tributes to the history of mariachi music in the Mariachi plaza offering regular presentations to enjoy.

The history of tequila is one of the most interesting things you can learn about in Guadalajara, you can go on many tours that will teach you all about tequila, you can ride in one of the last functioning passenger trains that will take you to one of the original distilleries where this drink continues to be produced.

Guadalajara also has an impressive collection of architectural wonders, like the Templo Expiatorio, the Government Palace, or the impressive Teatro Degollado, a neoclassical theater where the Orchestra of Jalisco and the Guadalajara Ballet showcase their talents with regular presentations that will leave you wanting to see more.

Nature is one of the city’s greatest assets, with many breathtaking vistas that surround you at all times. In Barranca de Huetitan and in Bosque Primavera you’ll find the excellent camping or hiking spots to spend time with your entire family.

You can pay with US dollars, Credit/Debit cards on most restaurants and establishments. If you pay with cash the exchange rate will be lower, it’s better to visit a foreign exchange agency, a bank or an ATM to turn your currency into Mexican pesos.
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Top medical specialists in Guadalajara
Bariatric surgery
Fertility clinic
General surgery
Medical spa
Plastic surgery

Guadalajara general information

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*Main tourist attractions points and our suggested places.

Information about Embassies, Consulates or Consular Agencies for U.S. and Canadian citizens.
In case of emergency or general assistance to citizens traveling in Mexico please contact the nearest embassy, consulate or consular agency.
U.S. Consulate in Guadalajara
Progreso 175 Col. Americana, Codigo Postal 44160 Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
Assistance to U.S. citizen
From Mexico:
Tel: 334-624-2102
From the United States:
Tel: 1-844-528-6611
Consulate of Canada in Guadalajara
World Trade Center Av. Mariano Otero 1249 Piso 8, Torre Pacífico Col. Rinconada del Bosque 44530 Guadalajara, Jalisco - México
Assistance to Canadian citizen
From Mexico:
Tel: 33-1818-4200
From Canada:
Tel: 011-52-33-1818-4200
Safety tips
Guadalajara will provide you with a great vacation, and is just as safe as any other destination, just remember to take the same common-sense precautions that you would in any new city.
Arriving by air
Guadalajara International Airport has many options for easy transport into town, with buses, taxis, and shuttle ready for you. If you prefer an Uber, the driver will ask you to walk one block away from the entrances, but don’t worry this is a normal practice.
Uber and taxis prices will range between $10 and $30 US dollars for a trip from the airport to most locations within the city.
Common flights to Guadalajara, Jal. (Approx.)
Atlanta - 3:30 Hrs.
Chicago - 4:10 Hrs.
Dallas - 2:30 Hrs.
Houston - 2:00 Hrs.
Las Vegas - 3:20 Hrs.
Los Angeles - 3:30 Hrs.
New York - 5:30 Hrs.
Phoenix - 2:40 Hrs.
How to move around the city
Due to the size of the city, traffic can become very crowded, but, public and private transportation is really affordable, and along with taxis and Uber, are the recommended ways of moving around town.
Where to stay?
Guadalajara has many hostels and motels with prices ranging from $30 - $80 USD per night.
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Additional information
Guadalajara attractions
Historical Center
Government Palace
Degollado Theatre
Avenida Chapultepec
Places you can drive from Guadalajara (Approx.)
Teuchitlan Mexico - 37 miles
Tequila Mexico - 40 miles
Puerto Vallarta - 190 miles
Mexico City - 340 miles
To visit these places, you can book a tour or rent a car. Remember to check with your American car insurance or your rental car company if you are covered.
General information
If you are looking for more information about destinations, events, concerts or the many activities in the city
Front view of the Templo expiatorio next to a water fountain
Colorful Mexican art crafts
Neoclassical theater with tall columns and marble sculptures
Events for medical tourism in Guadalajara
Jalisco Jazz Festival
Cultural festival
Date: July
Venue: Varies per event
Events for medical tourism in Guadalajara
International Mariachi & Charreria Festival
Cultural festival
Date: September
Venue: Varies per event
Events for medical tourism in Guadalajara
Fiestas de Octubre
Cultural festival
Date: October
Venue: Auditorio Benito Juárez
Events for medical tourism in Guadalajara
Day of the Dead
Date: November 2
Venue: Historic center
For more information about the events, please check their official website or social media.
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