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Aesthetic procedures in Mérida

Aesthetic medicine in Merida
A medical spa provides non-surgical skin-rejuvenation treatments. These procedures, which are administered by board-certified medical professionals, provide an alternative for people looking for a more youthful appearance with quick recovery times. Find more about the costs and most common procedures in Merida.
A board-certified specialist in Merida can provide you with affordable prices on aesthetic procedures. The doctor helps his patients get the results they want in a safe and enjoyable environment using the most up-to-date technologies and high-quality supplies.
Additional aesthetic procedures in Mérida
Stretch marks, cellulite, and dead skin cells can reduced or dissolved with this procedure. Depending on the results you want, the enzymes can be injected directly into the region or used as a mask
Microneedling is a technique for reducing scarring and rejuvenating the skin. Small needles are used during this operation, producing tiny incisions that encourage the creation of collagen.