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In the Ciudad Juarez – El Paso border you can have a great experience in both cities. If you decide to stay in El Paso you can cross the international border and enjoy the museums, food, and natural wonders that Ciudad Juarez has to offer. The bariatric surgeon in Ciudad Juarez has the certifications and experience to help you get the desired results on your weight-loss journey.

See how to make the best of your visit with our specialized services for medical tourism in Ciudad Juárez.
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Ciudad Juárez attractions and recommendations
Museum of the Revolution in the Border
La Rodadora
Samalayuca Dunes
Mercado Juarez
Sand Dunes
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Av. Pedro Rosales de León 7510, Consultorio 207, Poliplaza Médica, Fuentes del Valle 32500, Ciudad Juárez, Chih.
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