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Bariatric surgery procedures in Guadalajara

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The bariatric surgery is the ideal solution for those affected by obesity. There are multiple options to help patients reduce excess weight based in their body mass index and condition. Select from the most requested procedures to get more information about the prices offered in this top clinic.
Guadalajara’s bariatric specializes in giving each patient the medical attention and care they deserve. The physician will evaluate your conditions and specific needs to determinate what procedure suits you better.
Gallbladder Removal
A cholecystectomy is used to treat gallstones and their complications. The surgery can be done through a 6-inch opening or with a laparoscope that requires from 1 to 4 small incisions.
Gallbladder Removal
U.S. price: $17,814
Our price: $2,500
Savings: 85.97%
When the appendix presents inflammation or appendicitis, it’s important to remove it to prevent further complications. Depending on the severity, the surgery can be done as open or laparoscopic.
U.S. price: $13,200
Our price: $2,400
Savings: 81.82%
Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)
Hiatal hernias, obesity, and certain food can provoke heartburn. With surgery, the esophagus is wrapped to prevent the acids to move back and irritate the esophagus.
GERD surgery
U.S. price: $25,190
Our price: $3,000
Savings: 88.09%