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Patient, Querétaro 11/24/2023
bullets An extraordinary service, a practical and professional doctor who speaks the truth. His technique in bariatric surgery is excellent; it's as if you haven't been operated on—no consequences, no pain.
Patient, Querétaro 11/24/2023
bullets Doctor Daniel, I always congratulate him for explaining everything to me in detail before and after my surgery. He has a great team and is the best. His office is located in the city center, and the best part has been the support he has provided me after the surgery.
Monserrat Contla
Patient, Querétaro 11/23/2023
bullets From the beginning in consultations, everything was great. The doctor always explained everything in detail and was super attentive. On the day of my surgery, everything was excellent with his care, and to this day, during follow-up visits, he always addresses my questions. He is super friendly and always attentive to the patient.
Lorena Rodriguez
Patient, Querétaro 01/24/2023
bullets He is one of the best doctors in Queretaro. He has a human warmth, explains your process very well. My experience with him has been very satisfactory, achieving the results I expected. I highly recommend him; he is very professional and committed to his profession.

Patient, Querétaro 12/18/2017
bullets An excellent doctor, very professional, ethical, and with excellent treatment for the patient and family. From my perspective, a very good person and professional. I would recommend him with my eyes closed.

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Testimonials for bariatric surgery in Querétaro