Cardiology procedures in Ciudad Juárez

Cardiology in
                                        Ciudad Juárez
A cardiologist or cardiovascular surgeon specializes in the surgical treatment of diseases and conditions that affect the heart and blood vessels, such as congenital heart defects, arrhythmias, coronary disease, and hypertension. Get more information about the most popular procedures in Monterrey.
Get affordable prices on the surgery you need with the cardiologist in Monterrey. The specialist has the certifications and experience to offer patients the best treatment and surgical approach to help them alleviate their condition.

Additional cardiology procedures in Ciudad Juárez

Coronary angiography
Coronary angiography is an imaging procedure that helps a cardiologist to see your heart’s blood vessels to detect blockages and narrowed vessels that affect the flow of blood.
The echocardiogram is a type of test that allows seeing the movement, size, and pumping strength of the heart. During the test, the specialist uses high-frequency waves that can be seen on a monitor.
Also known as an EGC, the electrocardiogram measures the electrical signals of the heart and its rhythm.
Exercise stress test
This test is used to evaluate how the heart works during physical activity and detect problems with the blood flow. During the test, you’ll be walking on a treadmill that increases speed and elevation.