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Do you need a periodontal procedure or annual checkup? Schedule your appointment with the best dental clinic in Ensenada and get prompt treatment to prevent severe consequences for your mouth.

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We only work with the best dentist in Ensenada, to provide you the best available option for your overall dental health without being an economic burden.
After procedure
On periodontal services, out of town patients are cleared to fly on the same day of the procedure, and do not require follow-ups with the periodontist after the procedure.
Note: Consult with your dental implant specialist for follow-up or additional care after the procedure upon your return to your home city. Some patients may be candidates for immediate implant loading.
For estimates, please contact the clinic to request a consultation.
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Periodontist services in Ensenada
Visit our dental clinic and get your gum line in optimal health, we are experts in treating periodontal disease and replacing missing teeth with dental implants; you can select our clinic with the confidence that the dentist has specialized training to treat your gums and smile.
Teeth with gum diseaseGum disease
Removing dental plaque with teeth scaling Scaling and root planning
Receding gumsGum graft
Different types of dental implants Dental implant rehabilitation
See before and after pictures of patients treated by the certified specialist.
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