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Dr. Eddie Ojeda Hoffmann

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At United Dental we make sure our work is built to last utilizing cutting-edge technology and biologically safe materials, resulting in maximum aesthetics and longevity. We want many things for our patients, but before all else we want you to feel at ease in our offices and leave comfortable, knowing you’ve received the highest quality care dentistry can offer.

•Dentistry at The University of Carabobo Venezuela
•Oral prosthesis specialist from the "Universidad Latinoamericana México"

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Bullets Very friendly 100% recommended
Zaida Argil
Patient, 08/06/2021
Bullets Good customer service, very clean and excellent work. I love it.
Rouss Sandoval
Patient, 05/17/2020
Bullets Excellent work they do here, they do everything with care so that the patie ... Read more.
Karen Ortiz
Patient, 05/17/2020