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Removable denture in Tijuana

Full removable denture
Looking for removable dentures? We found the best option for you in Tijuana, in just a quick drive from San Diego you’ll get the best service in the border area with the same quality, materials, and technology as you would get in any California clinic, the clinics in Mexico will allow you to pay 70% less on your dental treatments.

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We only work with the best materials available, professionalism and safety in all our services. Visit our top dental clinic in Tijuana and have the best experience at reasonable prices.
View the prices for removable denture in Mexico.
Removable denture
USA price: $2,000
Our price: $500
Savings: 75.00%
Note: Prices shown may vary according to the patient’s specific needs, treatment, and materials. Get an estimate directly from the clinic. All prices are expressed in USD and may be changed at any time with no prior notice. Prices are not final representations and are approximate to give patients a general idea of the costs.
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