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Anne-Renne Marie
Patient, Cancún 08/31/2021
bullets Dr. Flores far exceeded my goals. I had an IVF FET cycle, this was the first and only IVF cycle I have done with Dr. Flores but it wasn’t my first cycle ever. I previously had a cycle in the USA and I was very nervous because of how my previous cycle went but here they tailored my treatment to ensure that it had the most success possible. Dr. Flores is incredibly talented, competent, and compassionate. Thanks to them I am now pregnant and I will be returning to have them do another FET with my girls once I’m ready again. I couldn’t be more grateful to them and am confident they will keep my babies safe till I’m ready for my next FET. If you want to build or grow your family I don’t think you could find a better or more capable team. Thank you guys!
Susana Bonilla
Patient, Cancún 10/09/2020
bullets Dr. Oscar Flores is the most careful, detail oriented, and professional that I ever known! I wasn’t another number like I felt in the US. My experience it’s been wonderful!! IVF, 45y and 5 months pregnant with twins!

Patient, Cancún
bullets ur experience with Dr. Oscar Flores from the first day we had him by phone has been extraordinarily essential. Dr. Flores is always in communication via what's app with us at all times pending our health, he answers all kinds of questions at any time and does not hesitate to answer me, even when we are out of the country. Dr. Flores is truly a professional at what he does and he has definitely exceeded our expectations, we feel safe and confident during the preparation and he informs us step by step at all times. When we arrived in Cancun and met in person at your clinic, the positive vibe we felt from the treatment of the patients and the attention from everyone was very pleasant. The truth is a work team like none and incredible. A week ago I had my preparation for my extraction and thanks to Dr. Flores it was a success and the numbers so far have been excellent. We will now move on to the next steps and prepare for the embryo transfer. With God ahead we will be victorious and with the best news that a baby will soon come into the world.

Thank you Dr. Óscar Flores for trusting us, we will always be super grateful to you. May God continue to bless you!!

Update on my treatment!!
The embryo transfer was a success, I felt very well, I had no complications, thank God. I was always in contact with Dr. Óscar about my health and how I was feeling those days after the transfer.

Patient, Cancún
bullets Dr Oscar Flores is an excellent doctor, he explains everything in detail, he has a very warm treatment, the best methods and a pleasant office. I highly recommend it.
Gyna Vasquez
Patient, Cancún
bullets Definitely the most humane and professional specialist, the facilities are new and super beautiful and in general an excellent service. highly recommended.
Yasser Segura
Patient, Cancún
bullets Excellent attention, very professional and personally Dr. Óscar is very friendly at all times and always clears up any doubts, highly recommended.
Anya Fedorewicz
Patient, Cancún
bullets From our very first meeting we’ve had such a warm welcome and positive experience with Dr. Oscar, Dr Ana and staff. Dr. Oscar has been helpful in making a decision for our next step in trying to start a family. In addition to fertility matters, he has also helped with surgery and his presence throughout the entire process was nothing short of compassion and expertise. If you are looking for more answers, or just want to get started in fertility treatments, I highly recommend Dr. Oscar. He speaks both Spanish and English fluently and will help you through your journey.
Natalia Ortiz
Patient, Cancún
bullets Excellent service, the human and professional quality of the staff is unique.
Patient, Cancún
bullets My experience with Dr. Flores was amazing. The level of care and time take with me cannot be matched. All of my questions were answered and Dr. Flores is always accessible. I am so grateful for the treatment I received.
Miri Zúñiga
Patient, Cancún
bullets Dr. Oscar Flores answered all my questions and I felt very comfortable. I recommend it with great confidence and I appreciate the great service that was given to me.
Karime Quintana
Patient, Cancún
bullets The gynecologist Oscar Flores, without a doubt, has been the best gynecologist I have visited, he is very professional, explains everything in detail, and is always attentive to you including the follow-up of your consultations. He is very up to date and really, he is the best !!! I definitely recommend it !!!!! The attention is 100% good.
Mílica Drocic
Patient, Cancún
bullets They are the best!!! For me like new in Cancun was such a blessing to find this clinic. Dr. Ana and Dr. Oscar are super professional and knowledgeable and they help me a lot. Thank you so much
Sandra Franco
Patient, Cancún
bullets Dr. Oscar Flores is an excellent specialist, he has a passion for what he does, his attention is very special, it gives me great peace of mind to feel that I am under treatment with the best specialist.

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Testimonials for fertility treatments in Cancún