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Lourdes Pérez Castillo
Patient, Culiacán 03/28/2023
bullets Highly recommended 100%. A very attentive, punctual, and helpful doctor. The facilities are super comfortable and easily accessible. They have very innovative and practical equipment for care. Highly recommended.
Patient, Culiacán 02/20/2023
bullets I went for a consultation because I had no sperm. They conducted blood tests, ultrasound, and provided medication. Two months later, they performed a biopsy to retrieve sperm, which was used for IVF. Now, we are eagerly awaiting our baby.
Mariana Parra
Patient, Culiacán 02/18/2023
bullets Undoubtedly the best fertility clinic, the facilities are impeccable and equipped with high technology. The attention was very friendly; they explained the procedures and treatment options in detail. I felt safe and confident.

Patient, Culiacán 01/30/2023
bullets Highly recommended. Excellent attention by the doctor. He explains every doubt or uncertainty in detail and recommends things that you actually need. The clinic staff's service is excellent, and the clinic's facilities are very nice and in excellent condition. I recommend it 100%.

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Testimonials for fertility treatments in Culiacán