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Fertility clinics focus on assisting infertility couples to conceive using assisted reproduction techniques. A couple or person can be referred to a fertility doctor if they have been trying to conceive for more than six months, have had two miscarriages, or a woman want to conceive without a partner. Find out more information about the most popular procedures in Monterrey.
Want to start a fertility treatment but worried about the costs? The fertility doctor in Monterrey handles the best technology and protocols to help patients achieve their pregnancy. You can be confident in the doctor’s experience and professionalism.

Additional fertility clinic procedures in Monterrey

Ovarian stimulation
Ovarian stimulation or ovulation induction is recommended to stimulate the ovaries to produce more eggs and increase the chances of fertilization. This procedure can be used before IVF or IUI.
Ovarian stimulation
U.S. price: $4,000
Our price: $1,700
Savings: 58%