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Procedures for general surgery in Cancún

General surgery in Cancún
General surgeons have knowledge and training in anatomy, pathology, and physiologies, allowing them to diagnose and surgically treat a wide range of digestive, abdominal, and endocrinological diseases. See more information about the most popular procedures in Cancun.
Need surgery but don't have insurance? Schedule a consultation with the board-certified general surgeon in Cancun and get professional and personalized attention on the procedure you need to improve your condition.
Additional procedures for general surgery in Cancún
Anal fissure
A small tear in the rectum or anal fissure can be caused by constipation, diarrhea, childbirth, or anal sex. The goal of surgical treatment is to minimize spasms and improve recovery.
Hemorrhoids are swollen veins of the rectum. Treatment consists of placing a clip on the hemorrhoid or removing it with a scalpel.
Liver removal - Hepatectomy
Liver surgery is used to treat liver cancer, colorectal cancer, or benign diseases. The procedure consists of removing the affected part of the liver.