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Procedures for general surgery in Monterrey

General surgery in Monterrey
General surgeons can operate on basic areas of the body such as the digestive tract, soft tissues, and endocrine system. Additionally, they have training courses on minimally invasive techniques. Find more information on the most popular procedures.
Need surgery, but you don’t have insurance? You can opt to travel to Monterrey, and get your surgery with a certified general surgeon that has the professionalism and knowledge to deliver the best results at affordable prices.
Additional procedures for general surgery in Monterrey
Anal fissure
Anal fissures can be caused during childbirth or while passing hard stools. If the fissure does not heal on its own, surgical treatment can be suggested.
Hemorrhoids are swollen veins in the anus that can cause itching and bleeding. Treatment can involve a high-fiber diet, medications, or surgical intervention.
Liver removal - Hepatectomy
Liver surgery is done to help treat benign liver diseases or cancer. The surgery involves removing a part of the liver.