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A gynecologist specializes in the care and treatment of issues related to the female reproductive organs; menstruation, fertility, prenatal and postnatal care as well as sexually transmitted infections. See the most popular gynecology procedures in Cancun.
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Additional gynecology procedures in Cancún

Pap and HPV test
A pap and HPV test are two procedures used to detect human papillomavirus and cancerous cells on the cervix. During the procedure, the gynecologist takes one or two samples of the cells from the cervix. The samples are sent to a lab, the results will be sent to you vie e-mail.
Pap and HPV test
U.S. price: $331
Our price: $160
Savings: 51.66%
This procedure is another type of test used to detect precancerous cells, and genital warts. During the colposcopy, the gynecologist uses a special magnifying instrument (colposcope) that allows to see the cervix. If needed, will collect a small sample of tissue that will be sent to a lab for testing.
U.S. price: $7,000
Our price: $35
Savings: 99.50%
Through minimal invasion (laparoscopic surgery) uterine tumors are removed (fibroids). Hospital stay of 24 hours.
Through minimal invasion (laparoscopic surgery) the uterus is removed. Hospital stay of 36 hours.
Procedure in which a camera is inserted through the vagina into the uterus for diagnosis and treatment. Hospital stay of 4 hours.