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A gynecologist specializes in the care of the female reproductive organs, as well as its changes through menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause. Most gynecologists are specialized in obstetrics, meaning that they can provide prenatal and postnatal care. Get more information about the most procedures available in Guadalajara.
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Additional gynecology procedures in Guadalajara

Pap and HPV test
A Pap test and HPV test are procedures used to help detect cancerous cells in the cervix. During the procedure, the gynecologist introduces a spatula or swab to take a small sample of cells from the cervix. The collected sample is sent to a lab for testing.
Pap and HPV test
U.S. price: $331
Our price: $125
Savings: 62%
Similar to a Pap and HPV test, colposcopy is another test used to help diagnose cancerous cells in the cervix. During this test, the gynecologist places a colposcope to see into the cervix and locate abnormal cells. If anything unusual is found, a small sample will be collected to send it to testing.
U.S. price: $7,000
Our price: $100
Savings: 99%