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Maxillofacial procedures in Querétaro

Maxillofacial in Queretaro
Oral and maxillofacial surgery is the medical field specializing in treating diseases and congenital defects affecting the functionality and aesthetics of the mouth, jaw, and face. Among its most common procedures are dental implants, chin surgery, and treatment for sleep apnea.
Looking to improve the appearance and functionality of your jaw? Schedule an evaluation consultation with the maxillofacial surgeon in Querétaro and receive a treatment plan tailored to your needs and desired outcomes.
Additional maxillofacial procedures in Querétaro
Cheek implants
The loss of facial volume, especially in the cheekbones, can be restored with the placement of cheek implants. This procedure helps improve facial symmetry and structure.
Note: Prices shown may vary according to the patient’s specific needs, treatment, and materials. Get an estimate directly from the clinic. All prices are expressed in USD and may be changed at any time with no prior notice. Prices are not final representations and are approximate to give patients a general idea of the costs.