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Dr. Salvador Manrique Guzman

Mexico City Neurosurgeon

I have the skills and knowledge to identify the cause of the symptoms that lead to the office visit. I try to individualize all cases, because they are never the same, to provide the best guidance on how to solve the problem.
I imagine my work as if I were a tailor, that adapts the treatment to the patient, adjusting it to its individual needs. I seek to provide all the tools and answer all possible doubts so that the patient makes his own decision.

Certifications and courses
Master of Health Sciences. IPN. Mexico DF.
School of Medicine. Anahuac University. Mexico DF.
General Surgery Residency. Angeles Mocel Hospital. Mexico DF.
Neurosurgery Residence. CMN "November 20" I.S.S.S.T.E. Mexico DF.
Mexican Council of Neurological Surgery 1017.
Postdoctoral scholarship. Neuro-Oncology. Johns Hopkins Hospital. Baltimore. Mommy. USA.

Mexico City Neurosurgeon certificate
Mexico City Neurosurgeon certificate
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