Oncology procedures in Ciudad Juárez

Oncology surgery in Ciudad Juarez
An oncologic surgeon specializes in the diagnosis and surgical treatment of malignant tumors. Additionally, they collaborate with a multidisciplinary team to provide the patient with the best possible care. Get more information about the most popular procedures in Ciudad Juarez.
If you have a family history of cancer or have detected a lump, schedule a consultation with the board-certified oncologic surgeon in Ciudad Juárez. You can have the assurance that the specialist will assess your specific case and assist you in obtaining a diagnosis and a treatment plan.
Additional oncology procedures in Ciudad Juárez
Medical oncology
Medical oncologists are dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment, and side effects of cancer. They create a treatment plan that includes chemotherapy, targeted therapy, or immunotherapy.
Radiation oncology
Radiation oncology treats cancer with protons. This type of therapy has the intention of slowing down its progression, shrinking the tumor, and preventing it from coming back.