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Oncology procedures in México City

Oncology procedures in
                                    México City
Oncology specializes in the attention and treatment of cancer. Oncology surgeons can manage from the diagnosis to the removal of the tumor. Every case is tailored to the type of cancer and stage, as each patient requires specific attention and surgical treatment. Find more information about the most popular procedures in Mexico City.
The oncology surgeon in Mexico City offers top patient care and affordable prices on oncology surgery. Patients can expect a peaceful and comfortable visit.

Additional oncology procedures in México City

Medical oncology
A medical oncology doctor is a specialist that treats patients with cancer without surgery, using chemotherapy, hormones, biological therapy, or targeted therapy. Medical oncology is usually the first stop on a patient’s rode to treat cancer.
Radiation oncology
The radiation oncologist specializes in treating cancer with radiation therapy to shrink or destroy cancer cells or ease cancer-related symptoms.