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Oncology is the field that treats cancer; there are three significant areas; medical, radiation, and surgical oncology. A surgical oncologist specializes in the diagnosis and surgical removal of tumors accordingly to the stage, grade, and location. See more information about the most popular oncology procedures in Queretaro.
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Additional oncology procedures in Querétaro

Kidney cancer
If a tumor appears inside the kidney, it has to be evaluated for detecting the risk of this being malignant, depending on the size, location, and invasion, it can be treated with radical nephrectomy (removing all the kidneys) or nephron-sparing surgery (removing only the affected area. When there are no distant metastases, it can become a curative surgery.
Kidney cancer
U.S. price: $35,000
Our price: $4,000
Savings: 89%
Testicular cancer
Mostly in young adults, when a solid tumor appears inside the testis, it needs to be removed, because the probability of this being cancerous, is almost 100%. Then it is evaluated and adjuvant treatment can be applied, to reduce the risk of cancer reappearing.
Testicular cancer
U.S. price: $13,000
Our price: $2,500
Savings: 81%
Medical oncology
The medical oncology focuses on the diagnosis and treatment plan of cancer; chemotherapy, hormone therapy, targeted therapy, and immunotherapy.
Radiation oncology
The radiation oncology treat cancer using photons (high energy x-rays), with the objective of shrink the tumor or keep it from coming back. There are two types of radiation; external beam or internal radiation.