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Ophthalmologic procedures in Guadalajara

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Surgical procedures in the eye have a high-rate of success. These surgeries can be performed on patients suffering from blurred vision, cataracts or glaucoma. Get more information about the procedures offered in this top clinic.
Experience the best medical services in Guadalajara, a city where you can enjoy one of the most traditional and modern scenes in Mexico. Based on your needs, our specialist and staff will guide you throughout the entire process, delivering the best results and experience during your vacation.
These refractive surgeries are similar to LASIK and PRK. The main difference is the method used to create the corneal flap. In SMILE and FemtoLASIK, instead of cutting with a blade, the cut is made with the femtosecond laser. This makes the procedure more accurate and safer for the patient.
Femtosecond laser surgery
This laser is the latest advance on laser surgery. This can adapt to the necessities of the patients delivering more reliable and accurate procedures. The femtosecond laser can perform cataract and refractive surgery, corneal transplant, and placement of intrastromal corneal ring segments.
Intraocular lens (IOL)
An intraocular lens is used to replace the natural lens after cataract or phaco refractive surgery. These lenses can help correct myopia and hypermetropia. The IOL is placed through a surgery called phacoemulsification and can take about 10 minutes per eye.
Monofocal lens
This type of lens can improve the sight at one distance. Usually is set to improve the far vision.
Multifocal lens
This lens is the newest advance of lenses. It can improve the sight at three distances; near, medium and far vision.
Strabismus surgery
Strabismus is a condition in which one of the eyes turns to another direction while the other one looks straight. To improve their alignment surgery is needed to move or straighten the eye muscles.