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Karen Campos
Patient, Cancún 11/07/2019
bullets I am infinitely grateful to Dr. Raúl Arjona Alcocer, after five years of misdiagnoses, in the first consult he diagnosed my condition. Definitely, he is the best orthopedist specialized in joint surgery and arthroscopy. I highly recommend him for being very knowledgeable and his ethical and human quality.
Ivonne Zubizarreta
Patient, Cancún 08/29/2019
bullets Dr. Arjona is a professional specialist, certified, honest. Warm and friendly approach, human quality. Effective diagnosis and treatment. Highly recommended.
Joan Vissichedijk
Patient, Cancún 07/06/2019
bullets I have suffered with knee problems most of my life and after 4+ years with cortisone injections, they become non effective. I was on high doses of pain medications and that was not what I wanted. I have been told in Canada that I was too young to have my knee replaced and after my orthopedic surgeon retired I was back to square.
As soon as I contacted Dr. Arjona they were very attentive to all my medical concerns. We traveled to Cancun and were greeted with the same professionalism that came from the first correspondence. The staff were very attentive, compassionate and available to assist or answer any questions we had, usually at any hour of day or night. I am finally able to be off the pain meds that I had needed every day just to get by. I would definitely recommend Dr. Arjona for any surgery.
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