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Orthopedic surgeons specialize in treating joint and bone pain, sports injuries, mobility issues, and traumas. It is recommended to seek a consultation when you experience chronic pain or when your quality of life is affected. Find more information about the most popular procedures.
Schedule a consultation for surgical assessment with the accredited orthopedic surgeon in Estado de Mexico. The specialist has the experience and skills to help improve your ability to perform daily activities.
Additional orthopedic procedures in Estado de México
Bone fracture repair
The treatment for bone fractures depends on the degree and location. The most common methods include immobilization and bone fixation.
Bone fracture repair
U.S. price: $17,000
Our price: $3,500
Savings: 79.41%
Herniated disk
A herniated disc occurs when a portion of the intervertebral disc protrudes and presses against the nerves. This condition causes pain, numbness, and reduced mobility.