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Patient, Guadalajara 01/17/2020
bullets The consultation was completely trustworthy, clarifies your doubts and is very clear with its evaluations and plans. Excellent and dedicated doctor.

Patient, Guadalajara 05/30/2019
bullets I really liked getting in touch with the doctor, he is a very professional and kind person, he always explains clearly. Highly recommended

Patient, Guadalajara 03/31/2019
bullets My experience with Dr. Garcia Valadez was exceptional, in 2014 he performed a l4-l5 instrumentation with a dynamic system and root release. He is the best.

Patient, Guadalajara 04/26/2018
bullets Dr. Garcia is a highly trained professional, very cordial in his attention and very humane, he solves all doubts and above all, he is very reliable.

Patient, Guadalajara
bullets A very professional doctor, punctual in appointments, clarifies doubts about your disease and helps you make an informed decision about your treatment.

Patient, Guadalajara
bullets I began to have discomfort in my rotator cuff, I could not bear the pain and could not move my arms, Dr. Valadez treated me and now it does not hurt at all.
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