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Orthopedic procedures in Irapuato

Woman with pain in the lower back
Orthopedic surgeons specialize in the diagnosis, treatment, and recovery of torn muscles, joint injuries, as well as broken bones; these injuries can occur regardless of physical activity and age. Most procedures can be done as outpatient surgeries minimizing hospital and recovery times. See the procedures to get more information and prices.
Travel to Irapuato and get affordable prices on orthopedic procedures. The specialist handles the newest technologies and techniques to help patients alleviate pain and increase their mobility while having a pleasant and comfortable visit.
Herniated disk
A herniated disk occurs when an internal part of the nucleus pushes against the spinal nerve, causing pain in the neck or lower back. Surgery is advised after non-surgical options didn’t relieve pain. Surgery involves removing the herniated disk.
Bone fracture repair
When a bone is exposed to a high impact, such as an accident or medical condition, it can cause it to fracture or fragment into several pieces. Depending on the severity, internal or external fixation can be needed.