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The orthopedic surgeon focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of injuries, trauma, as well as diseases of the joints, bones, tendons, and ligaments. Treatments may vary depending on the type of injury and the patient's lifestyle. Find more information about the most popular procedures in Queretaro.
Schedule an appointment with the certified orthopedic surgeon in Queretaro and get the best quality and professionalism on the orthopedic procedure you need. The specialist works with the most innovative techniques to give his patients the expected results.
Herniated disk
Hernia surgery is advised once therapy or medications did not help alleviate the pain or delivered the expected results. The procedure consists of making an incision and removing part of the affected disc.
Herniated disk
U.S. price: $23,000
Our price: $2,500
Savings: 89.13%
Bone fracture repair
A bone can break or fracture during an accident or by medical conditions. The main treatments are immobilization, internal fixation, or external fixation; The method used will depend on the degree and location of the fracture.
Bone fracture repair
U.S. price: $17,000
Our price: $1,450
Savings: 91.47%