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Otolaryngology procedures  in
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An otolaryngologist is a specialist dedicated to the care and treatment of the throat, ear, and nose; being able to treat medically or surgically problems such as hearing loss, sinuses, breathing and voice disorders. We invite you to check the most popular ENT procedures in Mexico City.
Get the ENT surgery you need, with the best otolaryngologist in Mexico City and save money in the process, without compromising the quality of health care.

Additional otolaryngology procedures in México City

A laryngoscopy is used to test and diagnose voice problems, blockages, and biopsies. During the procedure, the ENT doctor uses a thin flexible camera to look at the larynx and vocal cords. If needed, will collect a small sample of tissue that will be sent to a lab for testing. The results can be sent via e-mail.
Ear Tubes - Tympanostomy
An ear tube or tympanostomy is a procedure that facilitates the drainage of infected fluid from the middle ear. During the procedure, the ENT surgeon makes a tiny incision and places the ear tube. This tube will remain from 6 to 9 months and usually fall on its own.