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Otolaryngology procedures in Monterrey

Otolaryngology in Monterrey
Otorhinolaryngology focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of conditions that affect the ears, nose, neck, and throat. Among the most treated diseases are vertigo, hearing loss, sinusitis, and benign or cancerous tumors.
The otolaryngologist in Monterrey provides first-rate medical care from the first visit to follow-up appointments. Its facilities have the best technology and amenities so that patients can have a pleasant experience.
Additional otolaryngology procedures in Monterrey
Laryngoscopy can be indirect or direct. Both types help to see the larynx, vocal cords, and nearby structures. The main difference is that a flexible tube is inserted directly down the throat.
Ear Tubes - Tympanostomy
A tympanostomy involves placing a tube in the eardrum to facilitate drainage of fluid caused by chronic ear infections.