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Plastic surgery procedures in Ciudad Juárez

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With plastic surgery, patients can reshape and reconstruct parts of the body to enhance their physical appearance. Some of the newest techniques and procedures available help patients achieve the results they want with minimal downtime. Find out more about the most popular procedures offered by this top plastic surgeon.
Visit the plastic surgeon in the Juarez location for the newest procedures. This specialist has years of experience helping patients get the desired results.
Face lift
Age and drastic weight loss can affect the elasticity of the facial skin causing it to fall. The face lift is a surgical procedure that repositions and tightens the skin to obtain a younger appearance.
Face lift
U.S. price: $15,025
Our price: $4,000
Savings: 73.38%
Neck lift
This procedure is used to enhance the neck and jawline area to get a rejuvenated look. This surgery is recommended in patients who suffer from extra skin around the neck area.
Neck lift
U.S. price: $8,612
Our price: $1,300
Savings: 84.90%